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Kinige Telugu Novel Competiiton 2014
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I'd Like to buy chiranjeevitham book.

I had seen comments below and who writes paragraphs of comment and he was saying that Ranganayakamma is pseudo intelluctual,how funny it is...??
I think he is the real intellectual..may be
She was just questioning our common sense.nothing wrong in it.if you dont like it kept it aside
she explains every word of her from basis of how this society was created
and one last word that if she was hating Mahabharatam
and I am damn sure that your love towards mahabharatham was far lesser than hatredness towards her

sir will u pls send telangana movement history book for me..my mail address:chandramouli2385@gmail.com

Dear Sir, in the market i am not getting Horrors of Darkness, angle of death and a devil a spy. please provide the print books at least in this address. so that we can purchase- R.V.Kalyan Chakrvarthi