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Horrible to read this book with full of communist terminology. Very boring and an example of how not to write a book of this kind. My rating 1/5.

You should have released few pages of Bhagavadgeetha slokas(may be first 2 pages of where Bhagavdgeeta starts) in the preview version. what I can see in the preview is Introduction to Gita, praising Bhagavadgeeta etc. I don't thnk this this will help for the readers to decide if they can buy or skip this book. Thanks.

I recently started reading the much praised 'Mahaa prasthaanam' and was totally disappointed with the book and the hype surrounded around those poems. I can say one thing-" He may be a trend setter in Telugu literature,but out dated so quickly". I seriously doubt about his setting a trend also.There were many poets before SriSri like Vemana,Gurajada etc who wrote poetry by taking the side of the public.Anyway, eagerly waiting for an ebook to see what the author's point of view on SriSri.Marxists hyped him as ' Maha kavi', but actually he is one of the many Telugu poets and anything more than that is just communist' hype.

I did not read this book,but tried to follow on you ttube as suggested by Samba nandipaty.
Those were boring and I got the feelign that Jiddu Krishna murty is is not up to mark in his commu ication skills.I may not agree with their philosphy, but osho and U G Krishna morthy are very good in expressing their thoughts.Jiddu and Dalailama lacks this skill.

I did not read this book yet, but got chance to read 'vishal vruksham' and preview pages of other books.just now, I started reading ' lessons to kids on capitalist...'. She was is amazing with her writing skills with her passion on Marxism. The other day I was talking about her with my daughter who is doing her under graduate course with George Washington University on International relations and I am surprised to know that she agrees with Ranganayakamma with almost all points.Having said that I am not claiming my self that I studied all of Ranganayakamma's books. Even though I never studied Marx before, I always got the feeling that we are getting undeserving salaries in the corporate world(especially in USA). I also got the feeling from my childhood that I( as an upper caste guy) economically just because of exploitation system in the society.i always got that feeling of guilty ness, but I consoles myself by saying to me-"what can I do..I am just a part of the system".kudos to
Ranganayakamma Gaaru for putting me back on reading books in Telugu again after about 2 decades.

@yogirajagurudeva ,
How will you know the original character of Droupadi??Actually, i did not read the book yet.But, We can not criticize soem one's work when we really do not know the fact.Just my 2 cents.

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అద్భుతమైన నవల.మణిమేఘన పాత్ర అద్భుతం.ఎక్కడా విసుగు లేకుండా ఆహ్లాదంగా చదివించిన నవల.

what is the meaning of రూకలేువ

Kindly let know we want book by cost