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Dear Madhibabu Garu,

I am great fan of Shadow character based books and your socio fantasy books. And not great fan of Vatsava and Shamsunder characters based books. But surprisingly I liked this book. At least 85% of the book is very gripping and made me to read with excitement. I felt, un-winding the truth behind the treasure is not that great. Apart from this rest of the novel is good.

Sir, do you have any plans of having Shadow, Gangaram, Vatsava

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Kavitalu Anni alochimpachesevigaa unnaayi. Kavayitri bhaavam baagundi.

rayalaseema yaasa tho koodina e pustakam chaala bagundhi
bandi narayanaswamy gaariki paadaabhi vandanamulu chaaala baaaga rasaru

Sir I want hindi sahitya charitra book in Telugu