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good book. this book is just one example how ancient Indians had tough laws for well being of society. though some of the rules can't be followed in current days as per democratic rule, some of them are very good to follow.

ebook download is hectic process..reader has to download third party apps to read e book. in that case kinige should mention that in free preview books. free preview downloading instantly but paid rented book not downloading instantly asking for third party app.

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Hi sir,
Please make the one pdf book for slowing,controlling,stopping and finally removing our all thoughts.
How to process and do that one.
because if we control our thoughts, We can give up permanently and then we can come to know who I am.

Please make the pdf fast for processing our thoughts in telugu langugage.

I have rented it but It's not downloading

I am not able to open the book after downloading with Adobe Digital Editions software.
Can you help me on this?