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The people who atleast want to touch the book Ramayana and recite the name of RAMA is really a Dhanya jeevi.It is a good and pious attempt to bring Sri Madramayana and it is the turn of the readers to get immersed in the nectar of its bliss and punya.May God Bless all who want to read Raamayana and get benifitted by its greatness of knowledge and attain blissful state of

I want to read Dattamahatyam as early as possible.I am in California at preent.It may take June end to comeback India.Can you provide anthology of slokas which are powerful for part of my upasana?Jai Guru Datta.

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Download ఐన file open కావడం ledu

How to read rented book.there is no help from on this app.not able to download or not able to read it

please send your books sir

Kinige vaariki oka chinna vinnapam. meeru provide chesina software lo books chadavaali amte chaalaa kastam gaa umdi. mukhyamgaa oka page numdi vere page ki vellaalli amte curser move avvadama ledu. ee problem ni nenu chaalaa saarlu face chesanu. please vere software provide cheyandi. alaage konni saarlu not response umtumtumdi. nenu meeku chaalaa saarlu mail chesanu. but, mee numdi ye reply ledu

Sir where can I find ఆకుపచ్చ అంటుకుంది as an e book.
Thank you
Kiran Vibhavari