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Nice love story and nidhi gurinchi chala vishyalu chepparu, great ekkada bore kottadu

Nice trangle love story with emotion, richest person with a ordinary girl

Love journey is mixed with some intelligence and final emotional touch, no boring at all

No words about this book
Marvellous is very less

Tera venuka needa fully changed my life
Hoping we want the part 2

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Wonderfull,Hood information with dromstic Ritym

please send your books sir

Kinige vaariki oka chinna vinnapam. meeru provide chesina software lo books chadavaali amte chaalaa kastam gaa umdi. mukhyamgaa oka page numdi vere page ki vellaalli amte curser move avvadama ledu. ee problem ni nenu chaalaa saarlu face chesanu. please vere software provide cheyandi. alaage konni saarlu not response umtumtumdi. nenu meeku chaalaa saarlu mail chesanu. but, mee numdi ye reply ledu

Sir where can I find ఆకుపచ్చ అంటుకుంది as an e book.
Thank you
Kiran Vibhavari