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Please upload Devils Dinner, Jaguar Jaswanth, Horrors Of Darkness, Kiss Me Darling, Angel of Death in Kinige.

32 pages and cost is Rs 108/- What a pity. Also it's an e book and no printing charges involved.

Please provide rent option. Is it's the decision of Ramakrishna Math or Kinige not to provide rent option. If rent option is enabled number of readers can access and enjoy the book of hindu culture. Sorry to say this.

The following ebooks of Madhu Babu are not available in the site. Angel of Death,Dagor of Shadow,
,Devils Dinner,Devils in Nicobar,Doctor Srikar MBBS,Grinade Group,Horrors of Darkness,Jagwar Jaswanth,Kiss Me Darling,Shadow in Cochin,Shadow in Showland. Can we expect them in near future.


Sir, The fonts for the books self published by you are not likely readable by most of the readers. Is there any cost difference by changing the fonts. The books of Madhu Babu or Suryadevara Ramamohan Rao etc, are worth readable.Why can,t you publish your books like that?. I am sorry to say that. Please change the font structure in your self published books also. Thank You.

Please enable rent option to all Visalandhra Publishing House ebooks.

Please.enable rent option to ebooks

Sir, Have you removed the rent option for the ebooks (For the recent ebooks)? If so please inform the members/Readers that rent option is not available. I am observing that most of the ebooks are costilier than the print books of the same Author available in the market. Sorry to say that.

Have you removed the rent option?. See, most of the ebooks of this author are costlier than the print books available in market and they are also offering a minimum 10% reduction for print books .

Is this ebook just like the print version or like the previous kingie self published one with a new cover. In free pdf preview it's the self published one. Pl. clarify.

Is this ebook just like the print version or like the previous kingie self published one. In free pdf preview it's the self published one. Pl. clarify.

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Madam, I am P. Umamaheswara Rao worked in SBI, Bhubabeswar. Our Bhubaneswar literary group members are trying to contact both you and Sri Jagannadha Rao garu. If you are the same person who worked in Bhubaneswar, pls contact me at 7093088430 or by mail to Thank you.

Thank you for the information

Very nice book

I read COROAASTALGIA Book written by Mr.Venkoo. It is very informative and interesting to read.
Whatever information we read in news papers from the beginning of the spread of corona is presented in this book blended with the author's bio-graphy.. Its a good book worth reading.

మీకు శతకోటి ధన్యవాదాలు, ఇంత మంచి పుస్తకాన్ని మాకు ఉచితంగా అందిచినందుకు. నిజంగా మీ సేకరణ, కూర్పు ప్రశంసనీయం. అంగ్ల రైమ్స్ చదువుతున్న మన తెలుగు ప్రజానీకం తప్పక పిల్లలకు నేర్పించవలిసిన గేయాలు అందిచిన మీమ్మలను ఎలా పొగిడినా తక్కువే.