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Good Book
Dr.Samaram doesn't need introduction
Very useful information but may be a bit difficult some parts of the book for ordinary public.more books are needed on this topic.

Initially I was a bit hesitant to buy or not this book. After a few pages reading, I started reading non-stop.
1. His way of explaining things is unique, reader facing style.
2. I bought his other book as well, i.e tamil politics. That too very interesting.

3 My request to the writer " Please keep this standard all the time, please write only authentic stories and list the name of references".

4. I am sure your best is yet to come.

best wishes

It took awhile to complete this book. Definitely not for casual readers.
writer KB did his maximum effort to make it easy to read and understand although at times his 'communist' feelings spilled on Hindu believes. Clearly he and Koshambi failed to understand difference between broken pots and broken hearts.

This is really an opening to me. I was thinking Hyderabad was assimilated into India in a couple of weeks or months of independence.

This is a vivid description of those critical movements. Second half of the book is more about personal grievance in the form of court documents.

worth reading.
Thanks - Prasad

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There is no option to download the purchased books. Can some one please check and respond

How can we download purchased book

I tried to read your book online but couldn't succeed madam. Please send link or soft copy to my WhatsApp madam.

Rangachari, Hyderabad