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ఈ కవర్ పేజీకి పుస్తకానికి సంబంధం ఏమిటండీ?

madhubabu never disappoints when he writes a Janapadam I guess :-)

Everywhere, "ధ" is seen as "ద" atleast in the pages I read so far. Is it Kinige's issue with the font or typo in the print edition itself??

Liked it. Sustained interest till the end and i felt there are strong characters that inspire in their own way.

To the Kinige team: How about adding a rating/like-dislike thing on the site instead of linking to FB, twitter etc?

The art work is very interesting! I think I should browse through the book once again just for the sake of the art! Thanks for making this book available digitally!

I really liked the book. Thanks to Kinige for making it available to Digital readers!

Wow, good to see this book here.
I never read this, although I loved the movie. I thought the intro on Kinige should have mentioned the fact that there was a movie with the same title, based on this novel?

Its unputdownable. :-)

బాగుందండీ. ఇన్నాళ్ళకి కొన్ని కథలు అర్థమయ్యాయి నాకు! బైబిల్ 2 వచ్చిందా? నాకు కనబడలేదే కినిగే సైటులో?

The theme itself is interesting. But, I find the novel full of un-natural scenes (its a personal opinion). Also, there are so many ambiguities in sentence formations, majorly because of typos or missing punctuations:

"ఏదో చెయ్యాలన్న తపన ఖాళీగా ఉంటే బుర్రను నమిలేసే పిచ్చి పిచ్చి ఆలోచనలు శ్రీనే ఎన్నిసార్లు సతాయించేదో..కానీ అతనికీ విషయం ఆలోచించే తీరికేదీ?"
"ఆన్సరింగ్ మెషీన్ చేస్తే అన్నీ ఓదార్పు మాటలే" (ఏం చేస్తే?)
"మమ్మీ నువ్వు ఇదివరకులా లేవు పోనీ నేను వచ్చేయనా?"
"పదికికోక బరువు"

I am half-way through...and the book is amazing...and inspiring!! Unputdownable (atleast for me!!)

Got a clarification. The book was translated by Kaloji long while ago. But, this book is K.Suresh's translation...for which Kaloji wrote a preface, revisiting his own translation experience.

I read 2,3 stories. The stories are good so far..but a major doubt remains. From the footnotes after each story, it appears like there are multiple authors. Then, why is it mentioned as: "moolam: Poornachandra Tejaswi"??

Who translated the book to telugu? Reading the preface, it looked like Kaloji Narayanarao did it. But, the cover page says Suresh K.

There are some interesting articles..but I felt the book was not organized properly. :(

Request to Kinige: Why can't you add a table of contents which ADE can understand and allow us to go to specific chapters??

"ఇవి పిడియఫ్ ఫార్మాట్‌లో ఈ బుక్స్‌లో లభిస్తాయి. పిడిఎఫ్ కాబట్టి ప్రింటవుట్ తీసుకోవడం కూడా సులభం."
-Atleast on Kinige books, I don't think we can take printouts.

Interesting. Good to see a detailed comparison. Please keep posting more sir.

I found the last three articles particularly interesting. Most of the others were good reads too.

I thought Shadow does one job :)
Looks like he is with the Military once, with the Police once, a professor once and so on ;)

Read all the three parts at a stretch just now!!! :)

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plz send me pdf or print copy of Ananga Ranga Telugu

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