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Could you please give rent option for the ebook?

This is a costly book. Please allow a 30 day trial first

Kindly release this as eBook. Kinige is primarily viewed as electronic book store for Telugu books and viewers look at print as another option you provide. I don't think anyone want to order and carry 1,948 pages of this book when they can carry all in a half kg eReader. please give serious consideration to eBook format everytime you release a book and negotiate with someone and press that it is to be considered as first option. There are hundreds of abridged versions about Ramayana and hundreds more about soecific aspects. I've been personally awaiting for complete Ramayana (sloka by sloka pratipadardha for many years). It is sad that such a very important root pillar book about our dharma is taking time to be available to the new generation sadhaks.

చాలా మంచి పుస్తకం. రచయిత్రికి అభినందనలు - సుబ్రహ్మణ్యం తురగా

Please mention number of pages. The preview will be useful if it has pages from main content.

[Admin] Please see description of the book After keywords [/Admin]
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Print book kavali sir

Very Good Poems on Abdul Kalam SIR. SIR we miss you.

వ్యక్తిత్వ వికాసానికి,జీవితంలో ఎదగడానికి,ప్రపంచాన్ని చదవడానికి పనికివచ్చే పుస్తకం ...మీ ఇష్టం.!