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I did not buy this book, after reading the first few lines of the preview.

Communists proudly display the pictures of Lenin/Stalin/Mao who together have overseen killing of tens of millions of people. Yet Mr. Yechury has the audacity to critisize Mr. Modi and BJP, who are tirelessly working for uplifting of the poor (that Mr. Yechury's party is supposed to be a friend of).

Could any one of you or Kinige team, confirm that this book contain Chalam's original/own/unabridged version of his writings? Or is this a commentary/thesis by some one on Chalam's works?

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Unable to download ebook after purchase

Hi Sir,
I need UG krishnamurthy books in telugu
Please share me all telugu converted books to my address or share me online pdf
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ఒక అద్బుతమైన కవిత సంపుటి అందించిన భాగ్యలక్ష్మి గారు..మీకు జోహార్లు...ఏమి ఆ పద ప్రయోగ విలాసం..శభాష్..ఇదే విదంగా మీ ప్రయాణం సాగాలని మనసారా కోరుకుంటున్నాను.

Very nice bhagyalakshmi appikonda garu keep going .me rachanalu yuvatha ki enta spurtidaykam ga untundi so marrini rachanalu cheyalani koruchunam

beautiful compilation of stories and these reflect the life style and sentiments/ feelings of Telugus living in this wonderful city of Chennai. many thanks for bringing up this publication. thanks to Kinige