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Reflections on Life
A poet is like the Supreme Court, because he takes the side of dharma spontaneously and reacts with great vehemence against adharma said poet Mr. Gunturu Seshendra Sharma. In a speech at the Cent5raal Sahitya Akademi accepting their award for his book of literary criticism – “ Kaala Rekha.
In August this year , Mr. Seshendra Sharma received a cash award of Rs. 50,000/- from Undela Vignana Kala Peetham founded by poet Dr. Undela Malakonda Reddy . Mr. Sharma gave this amount to his son, Saatyaki , who in turn brought out Seshendra ‘s work “ Sahitya Darsini” an anthology of his writings. Mr. Sheshendra Sharma also appeared on a common platform with Civil Rights activists, poets and writers, to demand complete lifting of the ban on People’s War Group of Naxalites. He says his journey is towards Naxalism.
He also asserted that Academy awards cannot be yardsticks of a poet’s Genius. Sometimes incompetent people are chosen for awards and this is harmful because it amounts to insulting poets who are truly great. He says that sometimes, due to selfish interests, some people undeservingly get awards because the selections are done at the local level. To overcome this difficulty, he has suggested that literature in various languages should first be translated into Hindi, when a committee can make a selection without getting influenced by local considerations.
The Hindu
Friday , October 20 , 1995

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Rented copy url not opening please help me

Worst way of writing a book, no clarity at all. Probably written by an author whose knowledge is limited to generic books.

Okay but not fantastic