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Please Add RENTal Option:
This is my first comment and very glad commenting on this book.
I REALLY didn't read this so far; because I like to buy HARD-copy of the book. But before that I wish to read some stories on e-book version.
My request is please add RENTal option at least for Rs. 50/-(if you don't like for Rs. 30/-)

I mean I like to read some stories on RENTing e-book and order hard-book later.

Please add RENTal option as other books.
Thanking you,

బియాండ్ కాఫీ
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How can I download this book sir

unable to download purchased books from kinige including this

Where is the add to cart button


I purchased this book but I am unable to
download it. Nor am I able to download ANY of the books that I purchased. Sent mails to support team but no response. Can spmepone please help me?