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I have all your novels either in print or digital format except the below. All these were earlier published by MVS Publications and nowhere available now. Can these be digitalised by Kinige? Could you please help me getting these in print or digital format? Thanks!

Devils Dinner
Devils in Nicobar
Grenade Group
Horrors Of Darkness - 1
Horrors of Darkness - 2 (Angel of Death)
Jaguar Jaswanth
Kiss Me Darling

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అద్భుతమైన నవల.మణిమేఘన పాత్ర అద్భుతం.ఎక్కడా విసుగు లేకుండా ఆహ్లాదంగా చదివించిన నవల.

what is the meaning of రూకలేువ

Kindly let know we want book by cost