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I bought this thinking that this is a book with poems by Sri Natha Kavi, but this is a vachana translation. I feel betrayed by this writer who ever. Dont we know the story, readers expect the poems of Srinatha Kavi and their word by word meanings but its all vachanam. Truely disappointing. And actual cost of this book is 45 rupees only.

శ్రీనాధ కవి శృంగార నైషధం
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Sorry sir, I hope, It will be available today. I sent both the parts together for review. May be a delay from Kinige.

Very good research Sir
Unfortunate that Government miserably failing to protect Telugu language and heritage

next part eppudande...suspnse cinemani interval daka chusi wait cheyyamane elaa??

@leelavathimaddi...avunandi mayakankanam naku baga nachhindi, abhisarudi mantradandam next part kosam waiting...madhubabu garanthati writer kavalani sanjike garini ashirvadistunnanu.