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Yes.Ladies need sweacha kani this is India we need to follow Rama and sita.Without following our own Dharma ,everything is evil.The evil will make man first wrong later it will enter into ladies.I hope before the entering of muslim kings .India is very sound in financial as well as ladies freedom ete are find .By the time going on...evil entered hence comparison all these leads Brasthu pattadam authundi.
Brastu pattina Brahmanudu,Brashutu pattina Vysyalu,Brastu patttia rajulu,Brshutu pattina Sudrulu attacked by Evil in the name of Gods.

చలం సాహిత్యం
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No new novel from this author for long. His website and Facebook pages are not active anymore. Any news about him?

Good Book,Interesting, Thank You Sir

I want yuddhkala book

Good Book..

Wonderfull,Hood information with dromstic Ritym