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Its a 50 page book with 189 poems(samasyalu and their pooranalu)

good one. no explanation or description for each of the poems but they are not very difficult to understand too(neither very easy).

Overall I am happy as I have been searching for one such book online.

It wud be better if kinige adds the number of pages in the book description some where.

I have rented it now just to see how it goes. Now want to buy it. yet to see if I can upgrade my rental book to original by paying the extra money.

తెలుగులో సమస్యాపూరణలు
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Manchi pustakam books
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Tried several times to down load a book that i paid for but unable

Purchase option not available, can anyone respond?

Unable to download pdf copy of perika kulam book

Purchase option is not available in kinige. com.Pl fix it