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Since I have paid 104/-, I read it once again to see if any virtues are there in this person. He represents cesspool of Indian politics of last 50 years that has brought country to this level. This man changed parties at will, changed allegiance to suit his ulterior motives. Since he has confessed in this book, this may be treated as PIL to strip qualifications of his two sons one Medical graduate and another Engineering graduate, since he confesses that he got both these seats out of gratification. Truth should prevail, how late it may be.

అరవై వసంతాల నా రాజకీయ ప్రస్థానం
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I want to purchase this book, is it availabe in stock, pls sms Or whats app to me 9177712164

No new novel from this author for long. His website and Facebook pages are not active anymore. Any news about him?

Good Book,Interesting, Thank You Sir

I want yuddhkala book

Good Book..