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Thank you for your feedback. We thought for eBooks with different possible font-sizes, designs, page number may be irrelevant. But we will provide a way to get an idea of book-size in near future. Once again thank you for your feedback.

సి.ఐ.డి. షాడో
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Sorry sir, I hope, It will be available today. I sent both the parts together for review. May be a delay from Kinige.

Very good research Sir
Unfortunate that Government miserably failing to protect Telugu language and heritage

next part eppudande...suspnse cinemani interval daka chusi wait cheyyamane elaa??

@leelavathimaddi...avunandi mayakankanam naku baga nachhindi, abhisarudi mantradandam next part kosam waiting...madhubabu garanthati writer kavalani sanjike garini ashirvadistunnanu.