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I find this site very interesting in general. Earlier I used to purchase print books and fill my bookshelf which is full now. One day I noticed this site (this word sounded strange at first to me!). I had purchased one ebook and completely forgot about it (may be six months back). Now I understand this technique ADE a bit more. simply download and install ADE on any (or multiple )machines at home/office as you like. Whenever you buy any ebook from kinige using your email as adobe id. Now when you wish to read it go to " My Ebooks", download the link and after authenticating your adobe digital edition with same email you can download full pdf(secured) and read it . This process can be done at multiple computers for your convenience. Absolutely no problem. Find so convenient. Thank you.

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I unable to download the purchased ebook. The file cannot be opened.. JANAPATI PARTHASARATHI, GUNTUR

I want to buy this booking .. pls let me know where to buy .. my mobile # 9963999885

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బేస్ బాల్, బాక్సింగ్,స్విమ్మింగ్,వెయిట్ లిఫ్టింగ్,బిలియర్డ్స్,పోలో,గోల్ఫ్ మొదలైన క్రీడలకు సంబంధించి తెలుగులో బుక్స్ దొరుకుతాయా సార్!