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I have just read the Novel Draupadi authored by you. It is really a magnum-opus and your efforts to bring out the said book are laudable. We look forward for many such works.

ద్రౌపది సాహసంతో కూడిన మంచి ప్రయత్నం. మీరచనలు, ముఖ్యంగా హిందీ నుండి తెలుగు అనువాదాలు, హరివంశరాయ్ బచ్చన్ వంటి పుస్తకాలు లభ్యం కావడం లేదు. పునర్ముద్రణకు వెళితే బావుంటుంది.

@yogirajagurudeva ,
How will you know the original character of Droupadi??Actually, i did not read the book yet.But, We can not criticize soem one's work when we really do not know the fact.Just my 2 cents.

Nenu manchodino kado nakanna, naa chuttu unnavallaku telustundi.Nijam cheppalante valla kanna nake ekkuva telustundi.Kani Manchi,Chedu lu prabhavame samajamulo jarugutunna sangatanalu.Meru rasina pustakam andaru chaduvutaru,adi entavaraku manchi chestundo meku baga telusu. Oka unnata stanamulo unna vyakti cheppe matalu samajaniki machi chestayi-mari meru rasina pustakam entha varaku melu chestundani meru anukuntunnaru

Hope there is a freedom here to express critics. I read your Draupdadi novel which went completely in different mode and stopped reading it after certain stage. I read about Draupadi in Mahabaratam old books whereas your portray of the Draupadi character is looking like she was completely lust and her story of lust was not in one page but 5 chapters. sorry to say this. Original Draupadi may not be like this. Could you please send me the base to this writing of Novel. please sn

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I pay amount for Kalam kathalu but the book was not downloaded

I pay amount but not download the book

i want to buy this book

respecter sir have some books ?of kurnool jilla kathalu to purposce of research

hi sir kindly share the link.. Thank you so much for giving this knowledge to us