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Sir, I have been searching for your books everywhere. I am 26, i recently came to know about your great writings. We would be very grateful to you, if you could make available all your books in the ebook format, here in kinige; especially the 'Pracinandhra Naukajivanamu.'
I humbly urge you to do the needful and help instill a spirit of nativity in our young Telugu readers.

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Sir I want this book pls

Good one but not so great. Story is good, suspense is nicely implemented. Intelligent investigation/analysis by heroes, appreciated... Good time pass.

Plot can be improved and pages can be more. But with good suspense deserved 3/5.

this book is very interesting

I want you book hard copy how to buy sir

Excellent sir......
Nagaraju, lecturer
Mobile : 7780172766