• Aravai Vasanthala Na Rajakeeya Prasthanam
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  • అరవై వసంతాల నా రాజకీయ ప్రస్థానం

    Aravai Vasanthala Na Rajakeeya Prasthanam

    Pages: 166
    Language: Telugu
    4 Star Rating: Recommended
    4 Star Rating: Recommended
    4 Star Rating: Recommended
    4 Star Rating: Recommended
    4 Star Rating: Recommended
    '4/5' From 11 votes.
    3.17 Star Rating: Recommended
    3.17 Star Rating: Recommended
    3.17 Star Rating: Recommended
    3.17 Star Rating: Recommended
    3.17 Star Rating: Recommended
    '3.17/5' From 6 premium votes.

నా అరవై సంవత్సరాల రాజకీయ జీవితంలో జరిగిన అనేక సంఘటనలు, వివిధ రాజకీయ నాయకులతో నాకున్న సత్సంబంధాలు, విభేదాలు, వాటికి గల కారణాలు వంటి అనేక విషయాలను జరిగింది జరిగినట్టు, తెలిసింది తెలిసినట్టు, విశ్వసించింది విశ్వసించినట్టు, నిర్మొహమాటంగా, ముక్కుసూటిగా నా ఈ 'ఆత్మకథ' ద్వారా ప్రజానీకం ముందు ఉంచడం జరిగింది. ఎటువంటి రాజకీయ ప్రయోజనమూ కోరి నేను దీనిలోని అంశాలను సృష్టించలేదు. ఏ వ్యక్తులనుకాని, ఏ సంస్థలనుకాని పైకెత్తాలని గాని, కించపరచాలని గానీ నా ఉద్దేశ్యం కాదు. దీని లోని అంశాలు ఎవరి మనసునైనా నొప్పిస్తే అందుకు క్షంతవ్యున్ని.

- చేగొండి వెంకట హరిరామ జోగయ్య

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Comment(s) ...

what do you mean by out of stock? is this an ebook or what?!!

The book is relatively short and I finished reading start to finish in 3 hours. Writing style is straightforward just like a essay but not much humor or anything. But whats great about this book is the timeline of events starting from 1970s to current AP politics. Everything is explained in detail from authors perspective. I will not judge if Jogaiah garu is honest or not. But he was very successful in his political moves , and made right moves for him at the right time. He landed in great positions. I dont know if the stuff he said got it done was true, but i will give him benefit of doubt. If you want to learn about how politival events unfolded in AP in last 45 years, read this book.If you are looking for autobiography of a successful politician, read this. If you want to know a few tidbits about chiru or krishnam raju , read this. If you read this for anything else you will be disappointed.

Myself Venkat :

Kind Attention to All…

The book written is not for the sake of commenting the others, its motive is to reveal the facts that took place in past to present AP politics...

It’s easy to comment any person in the world but it’s important to know that “ How difficult to acquire a good position for many times in the politics of India especially in Andhra, Instead of commenting it’s good to appreciate the person for playing several key roles in politics throughout his life”.

Each person will have both negative and positive attitudes in them but it’s important to realize that till it doesn’t harm the society it’s acceptable. And as heard in detail about Mr.Chegond Harirama Jogaiah garu hope he’s far better than the other politicians that we are seeing in the present society.

Also we should appreciate his attitude of admitting his mistakes that are made throughout his life. So please don’t criticize the person and please know the facts of which he had disclosed.

“Being a leader in society is not easy as we comment” One who comment has to first prove themselves by achieving a responsibility for a period and then comment the others.

Note: Mr.Chegond Harirama Jogaiah garu Thank you for disclosing your life experience with the society. And I thank the channel ABN for conducting a program called “Open Heart with RK” with Mr.Jogaiah garu because good or bad we are able to know at least some news about the past with respect to several political milestones of AP politics.

“ Be practical and agree the facts accordingly “

Since I have paid 104/-, I read it once again to see if any virtues are there in this person. He represents cesspool of Indian politics of last 50 years that has brought country to this level. This man changed parties at will, changed allegiance to suit his ulterior motives. Since he has confessed in this book, this may be treated as PIL to strip qualifications of his two sons one Medical graduate and another Engineering graduate, since he confesses that he got both these seats out of gratification. Truth should prevail, how late it may be.

Your reviews say that he has no qualms in admitting the impropriety committed by him although what he admitted are very minor. Politicians per se are corrupt and amass disproportionate assets in relation to their known sources of income and definitely misuse their positions. Here we have to see what he disclosed about others. Other politicians will reveal his actual character.

Ksr3000 did you pay money for buying this guy's book. what a waste of money He does not have any principles and he has already amassed enough public money. I am surprised how can Kinige promote his book. by printing his book they are creating environmental pollution and by reading this book e book you are wasting storage space.

Typical politician. While throughout book he claims to be clean politician, in his own admittance in book confesses having engineering seat for his one son and medical seat for another son ( which was pricey those days) as gratification for helping others. He has no shame in admitting he ran expensive election campaigns from the funds he collected for which he repaid in kind while being in position. He has no shame in admitting in propagating caste based politics. Nor he has shame in admitting being aya ram and gaya ram politician. Oh man, what kind of ilk !!!!!