Reading Kinige ebooks on Android

  1. Install Aldiko free app from android market and open it.
  2. Click on store → press menu button → My catalogs → click plus sign (+)
  3. Add to new catalog.
  4. Visit Kinige from My catalogs and browse as usual and download Kinige eBook.
    (Note: if you don’t see Telugu description on homepage, don’t worry. proceed to download Kinige eBooks, aldiko renders Kinige eBooks beautifully)
  5. When asked, authorize your device by getting a free Adobe ID from HERE (use your existing adobe ID, if any)(see below FAQ for detailed steps)
  6. Aldiko will download Kinige eBook.
Detailed Tutorial
NOTE: Incase if you do not have hardware buttons (Home, back button) on the device (for example some of the tablets), Please use Old Version Aldiko and get it from HERE
Detailed Tutorial
NOTE2: Alternatively one can use Bluefirereader app on android to read Kinige eBooks.