What is myList?

myLists are 'your' own list of recommended books to others. For example one can create a list 'My top ten books' or 'Must read books' or 'Awesome political books".

What is NOT a myList?

  • My Books are not myList. My Books are the e-books you already purchased on Kinige.
  • Wish list is not myList. My Wish list is the books you may consider purchasing in future for your own reading!

How to create a new myList?

  • Think about the myList you are going to create. Think about what you are going to call it. (do not call it simply myList, give some good name, like Vinod's recommended books or Must read Telugu poetry books)
  • Choose one of the books you would like to add to your myList, and visit the book page on Kinige.
  • On the book page, a little below cover image (above comments section) you can see Add to myList link. Click on it.
  • Describe why the book is part of this myList. (Your views, opinions, recommendations). This is important this gives folks an idea of why you are recommending this book.
  • Now either add it to one of your existing myLists. Or create a new myList
  • While creating new myList, make sure you give proper name to your myList and a brief lucid description.
  • Visit other book pages and add them to the myList. You can add as many books as you wish to a myList. Though 10 to 20 is recommended
  • You can create multiple myLists
  • Where can I see all myLists?

    Visit myLists from your profile page. Or click on this link https://kinige.com/kmylist.php

    How to share myList?

    Visit your myLists and open the myList you want to share and then share the URL!


    The opinions expressed in myLists are those of myList creators, and do not necesarily reflect the views of Kinige Digital Technologies Private Limited.

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