• Stri a forgotten temple
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  • స్త్రీ - a forgotten temple

    Stri a forgotten temple

    Pages: 144
    Language: Telugu
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    '5/5' From 2 votes.
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
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How many of us remember our lessons on ancient civilizations from grade school? If we remember anything, we most likely recall information on "cavemen," terms like "Cro-Magnon" and "Neanderthal," not to mention "Australopithecus africanus." No doubt, most of the teachings for Americans (or for me, at least) centered on male archaeologists, historians, and anthropologists, who were set on supporting the patriarchal myth of the male as the superior sex, the strong one, who fought in the battles, hunted for all the food, controlled his women, while somehow finding time to invent writing, civilization, the wheel, and discover fire.

Women? Well, when they're mentioned at all, we're told they had the babies, of course, and cooked the food.

Is there more to this story?
Where's the other half of it?
Unearthing a new possibility

That "other half" of the information that has been so blatantly ignored and suppressed has come to light through the pioneering work of sivuni chandra sekhar reddy.

sivuni chandra sekhar reddy discovered evidence strongly suggesting that these peaceful civilizations worshipped the Earth as a Mother Goddess, with some variation from culture to culture.

It is an introduction to HER STORY

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A very unique perspective framed in my mind after experiencing deeper insights extracted from this magnum opus. A very beautiful and thought provoking (at times philosophical challenging) journey but the real taste of the book can be felt only by the ones who can enjoy meditative moods. I am sharing only my first views as it require more readings. It is a non-metaphysical subject yet with transcendental reality hence advised for Ph D as its inner most thoughts proves that Telugu literature is really evolving to new heights!!! I am sharing this view because most of the research topics are not really of worth as they are not taking future generations towards forward thinking. Reading this book absolutely provide emerging space for next level research topics that matters to the humanbeing. Thank you Chandra Sekhar Reddy garu, Regards, Raju Gogulam

" స్త్రీ -a forgotten temple
చరిత్ర పుస్తకం...
మానవ చరిత్ర పుస్తకం..
మన కన్నతల్లుల చరిత్ర పుస్తకం " -వాసిరెడ్డి వేణు గోపాల్ గారి QUIZ
A TO Z కు వాసిరెడ్డి వేణుగోపాల్ గారి blog కు లింక్ .

I have gone through your book and found it interesting and educative.
It appears that you worked hard to collect the information and write the book.
Veerendranath. [yandamoori]

The problem is your poetry
is dominating
your historical observations.

your observations are very interesting
and must reach the all Scholars.

Any way you are talking about a Subject
that is close to my heart