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  • Naaraayanam (free)

    Pages: 74
    Language: English
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According to our veda sastra ithihaasa’s the supreme lord “maheswara” in order to form universe he created himself into three form in order to create protect and end the bramhanda in three forms wise SRUSTI STHITHI AND LAYA. We can say that Vishnu originated form maheswara and created “bramhan” from his nabhi kamala that’s the reason why we call Vishnu as KAMALA NABHA. Then the bramhan started creating universe and lord Maheswara himself formed as Rudra in order to end the Yuga as LAYA KARAKA.
Shri Maha Vishnu is the ONLY Living entity present in the Material Creation right now and this form of the Lord has been called Kaal-Swabhavah or the foundation of the Space-Time Continuum. He forms the basis of Quantum Physics that runs this Universe at Sub-Atomic as well as Super-Galactic levels.
The as yet unmanifest stage of material nature is called Prakriti - till this stage, there is no Words or Expression, no Mind or Elements, and the three modes of Goodness, Passion and Ignorance are in an equilibrium. There is no Life or Intelligence, no Pleasures or Pains and no Demons or Gods. There is no Ether, Water, Earth, Air, fire or Sun nor the different stages of Consciousness - sleep, wakefulness and deep sleep. Yet, this Pradhan is the original substance of Material Nature and the basis of all further Creation.
Creation begins as follows
In this sarga Because of the Wish of Maha Vishnu, there arises a disturbance in equilibrium of the 3 qualities of Satva, Rajas and Tamas which results in the formation of subtle imperceptible matter called the Maha Tattva. This subtle matter cannot be perceived by our material senses yet it forms the basis of all that follows - It is from this that Intelligence or ‘Buddhi’ arises further giving rise to ‘Aham’ that further gives rise to ‘Manas’ .
In this the Mind gives rise to the Dash-Indriyan which include 5 Sensory Perceptions - Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue and Nose as well as 5 Organs of Action - Mouth, Arms, Legs, Excretory and Reproduction
In this the formation of the FIVE Tanmatras or subtle elements of Sound, Touch, Taste, Form & Smell followed by the Basic Elements, the Panch-Mahabhoot which, like the three Primary colors, give rise to Matter in its various forms through their permutations and combinations. These Famous Five are – SUNYA VAAYU, JALA AGNI & PRUDHVI.
The Panch Mahabhoota manifestation arose