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  • Hare Krishna


    Pages: 421
    Language: English
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
    5 Star Rating: Recommended
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A fight between the good Godly forces and bad demonic forces takes place in every yuga or eon. The God programmed the earth in such a way, the earth survives as long as the virtues are upheld and Dharma is followed. Dharma means ‘acceptable social behaviour’ which includes legality, morality and amity. But the unmindful demonic spirits from the underworld try to possess the human bodies to quench their carnal and worldly desires. When demonic forces thus take a dominance over the earth, the result is chaos, dwindling of virtues and upraise of sins. That is when the God descends donning an Avatar to save the earth from increasing weight of sins (paapa bharam).

A Yadava king by name Kamsa was thus possessed by a demonic spirit by name Kalanemi. His behaviour changes. One day a cosmic voice tells him that the 8th son of his cousin, Devaki would kill him. Kamsa jails his cousin Devaki and Vasudeva, his brother-in-law. He kills six of his cousin's infant sons as soon as they were born. But seventh time, there was a mysterious miscarriage. And as the eighth child, Lord Narayana Himself descends as Lord Sri Krishna Vaasudeva. How the Lord ends up the evil reign of Kamsa and restores Dharma is the story of this book.

The story runs in lyrical and narrative ballads. Though the format is old and style is classical, the way it's told is very modern, in simple English, keeping in mind the modern reader's interest and propensities. At the same time this is not a simple story narration. This book also discusses in deep, various spiritual conundrums at length, and tries to explain many issues in the Hindu epics often subjected to doubt and criticism like Rasa Leela, curses and boons given by saints/sages, the never-ending feud between the Godly forces and demonic forces, the adamant and arrogant way sinners think and how and why their meet their disastrous end.

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కనుల రేవుల్లో
కలలు తెరచాపలెత్తి విహరించినట్లు
మనసు లోతుల్లో
అనుభూతులు సుళ్ళు తిరుగుతున్నట్లు
హరే కృష్ణ పఠనః
జీవాత్మ పరమాత్మ లో లీనమై నట్లు
ప్రతి పదం

ఒక పరవశః
ప్రతి దృశ్యం ఒక మార్మిక సందేశః
సత్య గారు ఆవిష్కరించిన
రసామృతం హరేకృష్ణ!!

This book took a special place in my heart.I read this book during my pregnency which helped me to keep my mind peaceful and focus on god.
"Divine nature of lord krishna" is well explained in the book
Excellent book on bhagavatam from the birth of krishna to kasama vadan