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  • Eco Warriors (free)

    Pages: 129
    Language: English
    4.15 Star Rating: Recommended
    4.15 Star Rating: Recommended
    4.15 Star Rating: Recommended
    4.15 Star Rating: Recommended
    4.15 Star Rating: Recommended
    '4.15/5' From 13 votes.
    0 Star Rating: Recommended
    0 Star Rating: Recommended
    0 Star Rating: Recommended
    0 Star Rating: Recommended
    0 Star Rating: Recommended
    '0/5' From 0 premium votes.

Hello! I am India. And I need no introduction.

By the way, this is 2200 A.D. And I narrate my autobiography to your friend Srikanth Sharan Thatipatthi, who travelled from 2015 A.D. to 2200 A.D., in his unique time-travelling machine. Srikanth is absolutely filled with horror at my present plight caused by man-made global warming and climate change. He feels sad that humans don't live on me anymore. And he frequently keeps staring at the sky, looking at those “Hanging Heavens” which are now home to humans.

It is on his request that I narrate my autobiography. Though there is so much to say, I shall restrict myself to some of the most important events in my history that humans were ignorant of. I shall narrate my history in the form of interconnected, T20-style short stories, in a chronological sequence, starting from the birth of the beautiful Earth to 2150 A.D.

Finally, the Earth never needed a superman from some other planet. She has only craved for eco-conscious human beings to save her from a man-made environmental catastrophe. Srikanth feels that your knowledge of my history, particularly the events after 2015 A.D., might bring a positive change in your attitude towards Mother Earth. If that is the case, your future is literally in your hands!

Comment(s) ...

Awesome imagination. Fascinating and "never heard before" stories... But the author could have worked a little more on the style of narration. Anyway, the mysticism of the stories make up for the shortfall in the style of narration. So, my vote: 4 out of 5.

Positives: Very interesting and truly original short stories in the form of a novel. What's more interesting is the way the author has woven the story with real life incidents and mythological concepts.
Negatives: Though the book is in a so-called T20 style (fast paced) narration, it would have been extraordinary if the author had written the story as a full fledged novel rather than a fast paced short novel.

Interestingly fresh and new stories. The plot is very good. A sprinkling of some romance could have added the much-needed additional punch required for the younger generation.

Pretty good stories. What a fascinating correlation connecting the 2013 floods in Uttarakhand which had inundated Lord Shiva's shrines and statues, with the halahala consuming neelakantha! I wonder why the author chose to self-publish the book. My score: 3.5 out of 5.

Good stories. I liked most of them, especially the one linking the golden treasure hunt by Indian government in 2013 in Uttar Pradesh and the UFO sightings is amazing. The author's justification that the discus shaped hazy UFOs are none other than Sudarshana Chakras of the Hindu God Lord Vishnu is fantastic. My rating of the book: 4/5.

Good work. I hope more Indian authors write cli-fi which is indeed a burning issue. I give 3.5/5

Very interesting but something more missing. May be a bit of romance, hatred, jealousy, etc need to be incorporated in the stories to capture the attention of the readers. The stories have depth but the author needs to whet his narration skills.