• A Guide to Survey and UHT Transmission Line Construction
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  • A Guide to Survey & UHT Transmission Line Construction

    Pages: 368
    Language: English
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“I have gone through the book - The author has varied experience in the field survey, transmission line construction and supervision of transmission lines construction in India and Abroad over years. This book based on his rich experience in transmission construction etc. This book provides very good guidance for the technical personal working in transmission field which is one of the three segments in power sector.”

- Shri K. Balaramma Reddy,
Former Chairman of APSEB, Senior Consultant ASCI.

“This book covers a diverse range of topics of survey and transmission line construction. It also deals with the entire gamut of T&P equipment. Photographs showing details of various equipments enhance the value and facilitate better comprehension. The author breathed his knowledge and experience of over 50 years into the book”.

- Sri Kalaba Ranganadham, B.E., F.I.E.,
Former CMD, APSPCL, Tirupathi and Warangal, Former JMD, AP TRANSCO, Hyderabad.

“The book author deals with all facets of the transmission line activities and advanced techniques being adopted in the execution. Each chapter deals exhaustively in detail minutely which is definitely useful for the practising transmission line construction executives. This serves as reference book and guide.”

- Sri M. Veera Raju, B.E. (Elec.),
AGM (Retd.), PGCL and EHT lines Consultant, Hyderabad.

“I am very much delighted to read the book which may be called “Encyclopaedia” on guide to survey & V.H.T. transmission line construction in the country. It is a great remarkable achievement. He is a multi-faceted personality and also written a number of books in Telugu on his experience in other countries, Biodiversity, Indian Yoga, Spirituality etc., “This book deserves to be kept in the libraries of all Engineering departments as a guide to young engineers to gain proficiency in their chosen field.”

- Dr. V. Malakonda Reddy, B.E., M.Sc. (Stru.), Ph.D.,
F.I.E., M.I.H.S., Founder Principal & Secretary, CBIT, Hyderabad.

“I have been closely associated with power transmission sector for 34 years by virtue of being employed in APTRANSCO. I must confess that I am awed of Sri K. Krishnaiah’s achievements and perservance in the face of severe adversities. This book is the culmination of the author’s tireless and unerinted commitment towards his craft and noble endeavour to share his knowledge and wisdom acquired out of his vast experience. I strongly recommended that this book must be made part of the induction training curriculum of all transmission utilities and copies to all the engineers in the field of transmission line construction.”

- Sri B. Umakar Rao, M.Tech., F.I.E.,
Director (Projects) Transmission Corporation of A.P. Hyderabad.

“As I am in the transmission field for last so many decades after reviewing this book, it is quite useful to the practicing engineers as well as beginners who are starting their career in transmission line to next higher level. In this book author dealt right from history and empirical concepts of transmission lines and losses of transmission systems, mainly dealt with survey and transmission line construction with details showing pictures of latest equipments.”

- Sri S. Viswanadham,
Director, APSPDCL, Tirupati.

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