• A Guide to EHT SubStations
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  • A Guide to EHT SubStations

    Pages: 390
    Language: English
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I have gone through the book “A Guide to EHT Sub - Stations” Complied by Sri. K. Krishnaiah Practicing Transmission Engineer.

It covers various major equipment details required for construction of EHV Sub-Stations. He has written this book based on his field experience in construction of EHV Sub - Stations.

He has good experience in the construction activity in India and abroad and has illustrated standard practices required for construction and safe operation ot them. The Power Generation and Transmission is major part of supplying electrical energy to the public for their day to day requirements in Industries, commercial establishments and in domestic use. The safety precautions and operational requirements are given in detail by Sri K. Krishnaiah in this book. This book is very useful for field engieers working in construction organizations in their day to day works and for their improvement in associating with various operations of the equipments in the EHV Stations.

I appreciate the work done by Sri. Sri K. Krishnaiah in bringing this book indicating his rich experience in EHV Sub-Stations.

- Gopala Chary, Former Director, APTRANSCO

* * *

It gives me immense pleasure to write about this book titled “A Guide to EHT Sub - Stations” written by Sri K.KRISHNAIAH .After going through his previous book on survey and transmission line construction, I could understand the rich and vast experience of the author in the field of Electrical Engineering.

He has dealt in detail, various aspects of power system in an’ easy to understand’ style, through illustrations.Each chapter is dealt in such a way to cover all topics .Especially the chapters on protection and cables are covered with the latest topics.The technical knowledge embedded in this book reflects the vast experience of the author and is useful as a guide to all fresh as well as practicing engineers.

I congratulate the author for his zeal and painstaking efforts in bringing out this book and wish him all the best for his future works.

- K.Vijayakumar,TSTRANSCO

* * *

Information in the book is………
Power Gerneration Station(Generation of Electrical Energy, Solar Power, Wind Power)
Transmission of Electrial Energy
Static Sub Stations
Sub Station Equipment & Its functions
Functions of Associated System in Sub-Station
Insulators in a Sub -Station
Circuit Breakers
Power Transformers (Current Transformers, Voltage Transformers)
Instrument Transformers(Current transformers, Voltage transformers)
Earthing System-Protection of the substation equipment
Transmission Line Protection
Testing of equipment
D.C. Battery System
Capacitor Banks
Maintenance Procedures
Gas Insulated Sub station
Sub Station Automation
1200 KV D.C. & A.C. Tasting Substation details
Under ground Cable transmission Lines
Cable designation Notation
XLPE Cables
List of Sub Station materials for construction
Sub Stations from 132 K.V., 220 K.V. , 400 K.V.,765 K.V
Conversion Factors
Preview download free pdf of this English book is available at A Guide to EHT SubStations