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Hai sir ,
Na dhaggara oka story undhi please okkasari vintara
Eppudu adavalla paina jarugutunna arachakalanu oka story ga cheshanu ...
Adi punishment cheyyali yem cheste agutundhi anedhi na katha sir

Yevariki cheppalo yekkada kalavalo teliyadhu andhuke ela try cheshanu

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Srikanth Akena
Languages: Telugu Hindi

I is a good attempt the tittle appropriate and catchy.

Superb screenplay and awesome movie

Hi. I want this pls send me...

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I want yuddhkala book

Vaibhava Lakshmi vratam book was a complete disappointment. I paid the money for the Ebook and they haven't even given access to download the book. It says you don't have Adobe to download the book and its asks you to purchase additional app worth rs 250. It's a complete scam, don't buy ebooks just enjoy the free ebooks.

Good Book..

Wonderfull,Hood information with dromstic Ritym