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పాత్రికేయుడు వెంకూ..
తన స్వీయ చరిత్రను, కుటుంబ నేపథ్యాన్ని.. ఓ మినీ ఆత్మకథలా మేళవించి.. కథ అని కాకుండా.. పూర్తి కల్పనా కాకుండా అధివాస్తవికతలా చేసిన ఓ చిన్న ప్రయోగం.. కరోనోస్టాల్జియా... Really excellent

Very interesting and erudite take on Ramayana. Eager to read the remaining parts.

One of the wonderful books I have read recently. Venku the authored was very nicely align d lot of memories into a meaningful story in this book. I recommend everyone read at least once. It is worth!

Caronostorica is a wonderful book for telugu readers. Author given very detailed information about CORONA. Excellent writing skills and interpretation are the added flavour to the current situation in the world. Really it is a good book. Thank the author to given an opportunity to read every one.

we want contribute the research papers, small historical, cultural story's how we will submit in the చినుకు మాస పత్రిక