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MBS prasad garu,
Meeru rasinatuvanti rampandu leelalu chala bagundi...and I want more sotries about Rampandu leelalu.. unte I can buy sir...

from K.S.Hashini

sir i would like to get your articles published in since beginning. -

sir will u pls send telangana movement history book for mail

Hi Prasad garu, please publish Bible kathalu 2nd and nizam kathalu.

dear prasad garu, nizar kaburlu 1 tarvatha, next book publish chesara?

Prasad Garu,

It would be nice if you can publish all your Kaburlu for 2011 - 2013. Going into the holidays, it would be nice to have some thing nice to read. I read most of those on -- but nothing like having the ability to re-read at a stretch :-)

prasad garu, i want to buy ur podakkurchi kaburlu book, but i am not able to find it in KINIGE, please add this book here


MBS Prasad garu, I just started reading achalapathi kathalu and got hooked to it. looking forward for next part. thanks for introducing on greatandhra. now i have so many books in my queue to read.thanks again sir.

@luckyjaipal gaaru,

Kinige eBooks can be read on Windows (laptop, Computer), Mac, Linux, iPad, Android phones/tablets, SONY reader, NOOK reader. Please see Help for more details.

Dear Mr.Prasad Garu,
Thanks to Great Andhra .com for introducing such a brilliant commentator to telugu Journalism , i never heard about you until i started reading your articles in Great Andhra .com , It was such an immense joy to get all the worthy articles in one go, most innovative idea, one small information needed, do i have to download these purchased articles in Kindle e book or can i use my lap top, i am not good with computers.

Thanking You
Kind Regards
Dr Jaipal Reddy(Australia)


Please upload Achalapathi Part 2, part 1 is too good

MBS prasad garu,
Mee articals lo gona gannareddy and ugadi pina rasina artical series saperate books ga publish cheste chalabaguntundandi.

Can you upload next parts of Achalapathi Kathalu?

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Yogacharya Sampath Kumar ji.....kindly let me know your available e-books on Yoga and other literature

దీక్షితులు గారికిపాదాభివందనములు,
మీరు మాకు ప్రసాదించిన భావయామి వెంకటేశమ్ నాకు అమ్రుతము తోసమానము. మీరు వ్రాసిన బావము తెలుసుకొని కీర్తనలను ఆలపిస్తూ వుంటే భగవంతుని దగ్గరకు వెళ్ళినట్లుగా అనిపిస్తున్నాది, నా ఆనందానికి అవధులు లేకుండా వున్నది. మీకు ఆ భగవంతుడు ఇంకా ఇలాంటి సేవలు చేసే శక్తిని ప్రసాదించాలని భగవంని ప్రార్థిస్తున్నాను .

V. Suresh Kumar
Project Manager
NCC Limited
Mobile : 80082 20221.

I want to purchase this book, is it availabe in stock, pls sms Or whats app to me 9177712164

No new novel from this author for long. His website and Facebook pages are not active anymore. Any news about him?

Good Book,Interesting, Thank You Sir