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Hi Gopini Karunakar,

You have a fantastic writing style. No words to describe. Extremely pure and beautiful. Keep writing more. If you are not a writer in oblivion then please be available in the internet world. Otherwise the social media is occupied by fanatics and fundamentalists. Its the silence of few good men that gives energy to evil. Stay available and keep inspiring the world.

Vivekananda K

sir maa tirupatikonda kadhalu book market lo ki eppudu vastundi sir

Karunakar guru

Yeppudu. Market Loki vastundi

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How can we download purchased book

I tried to read your book online but couldn't succeed madam. Please send link or soft copy to my WhatsApp madam.

Rangachari, Hyderabad

Where is the buy option on all the books ?

Writing style should be In past tense. But this author is writing in future tense.