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  1. Telugu must be enabled on your machine. Windows users visit controlpanel-> Regional and Language -> Add keyboard (vaires with your windows version, but procedure will be similar). If you are not sure about this, visit etelugu.org/helpcenter
  2. A Firefox browser or chrome or safari. IE is currently not supported.


  1. How much do I need to pay to use this Telugu Typing Tutor?

    Zero. This is free tool from Kinige. This is part of Kinige's long term commitment towards Telugu computing
  2. Do I need to register on Kinige to use this tool?

    No. But registering and logging in will preserve your typing progress across the browsers, and timeperiods
  3. I am already a registered member of Kinige.com. Am I allowed to use this username?

  4. If I have a questions, where to ask?

    All questions, discussions of this tool must be at this forum Kinige Telugu Typing Tutor