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Madhu babu garu,
There was a telugu novel "Maro Prapancham" based on the illicit liquor mafia in Old Hyderabad city> I vaguely recall the author was you. Am I wrong? Do you know any details of this novel? Please advise.

Best Regards,
Guru Vemaganti

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Where is the book? Please respond to the questions. Thanks

Please provide the rented book of nagalokayagam

When I buy a book can't open (Addhunika Mahabharatam) even I download it can't open what is this idont understand this is waste site I have seen

I have recharged 360 but when read book does not open I want hard copy of Adhunika Mahabharatam book please send or other wise send PDF of complete book

Admin, Please let us know when this book will be available to download? I am eagerly waiting to read this book from past 6months.