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Recently this author book 'Sundarakanda' published. Kinige please get that book?

Hello Kinige, can you please provide 'Telugu Velugu'

Kinige, could you please provide eBooks of 'Sudha Murthy '?

I have purchased all books by this author thru Kinige, all books are wonderfull and its worth to buy. Requesting kinige to ask this author and make it available all his books to readers.

దయచేసి శ్రీ శ్రీ గారి పాటల పుస్తకాన్ని కూడా అందించండి

తాత్పర్యం ఉంటే బాగుండేది కూడా

బాల సాహిత్యం పుస్తకాలని ఈ-బుక్ లో అందించగలరా?

Awesome, now eagerly waiting for 3 rd book. Thanks Kinige team.

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My dear opportunists, why are you guys not selling pdf vesrion (e-book) of this book. Book is good. You made it unavailable on other sites, you knew demand is there. And you are present online. But this ebook is unavailable inspite of the demand.
I'm writing the simplified version of my thoughts, which would have been a lot more harsher and rude if it is not a public platform. I hope you understand and make this ebook available.

my name c,sreenivasulu i have already paid 333/-rs on your account last 10 days but not down load meerey numerology telugu so please send that book. as erly as posible.tq sir

sriJjermia's poetry is simple straight forward and intended to highlight the injustice done to downtrodden people even in these days. His translation of Sermon on the mount is a masterpiece.

It's very funny