Comment(s) ...

Part-1 is good, but part-2 is very boring. Plot is diluted and repetitive prose. Not up to the Madhubabu standards. Better luck next time.


Nice one... time pass... typical madhubabu style... enjoyed the reading


Red Shadow....Plot is really nice and. So griping and enjoy the entire journey of new world.

Warm Regards,

Rugveda...So boring and serial kind of novel...i did not like it. i was totally disappointed with the narration and story.

Rating 2/5

Vajra Deevi...Chandhamama Kathalu are better than this story... at least narration should be good. but none....i do not know why kinige adding this kind of novels.
Sorry for the review

Macula Gurram Plot and content is good. I've completly engrossed with this novel without any breaks.. that's the beauty of Madhubabu Novels. I always felt that he can go next level of writing where standards high in writing.

Any how good attempt.... worth for for your buck. Bingo!

Enjoy ,

Nice plot and narration. But felt like something is missing.

This is one of the suryadevara best one.Good plot and narration.There are some loopholes but overall its good one.


Not Impressed with plot. One time read if want to kill some hours.

Typical Madhubabu novel... good read for evening.if you want to kill some time go for it.

Good Read but not great. If ending is good novel in another level.

poor plot and execution. First time i have skipped so many pages in between. Totally disappointed.

Not a great novel. No way near to shadow novels. Style and narration is fine.
I did not like main character names at all. Janapada novels (Ananda Jyothi..etc) are much better than these novels. I am expecting more good novels from Madhubabu.

Warm Regards,

After reading Ananda Jyothi and Veera Bhadra Reddy some how this novel not that appealing. Novel ended so abruptly like No information about nemella dinne dongalu?
Overall plot and narration is good but content wise not that great. All of sudden new characters are entered without proper logic. Worth reading one time.

I am expecting more good novels from Mr Madhubabu.

Warm regards,

Very good book. More informative about about Kakathiya Dynasty. Plot execution and writing styles are pretty good. But somehow missed to give more introduction Rudrama Devi and Gona Ganna Reddy characters. I am expecting more good novels from Madhubabu.

Warm Regards,
Vishnu Guntaka

Worth read One time. But I felt it more repetitive prose and pattern. Something is missing in this novel and not fully satisfied with story plot. I am expecting more interesting novels from Madhubabu.

Warm Regards,

Ananda Jyothi is really well written book. Nice characters and smooth plot. Storytelling style is equal to Shadow novels. I am looking forward more good novels from Mr Madhu Babu.

Warm Regards,
Vishnu Guntaka

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A must read book. I will give 100 stars for this book.

I want dashanam montly magazine sir plz help me..

Shri.Pawan Kalyan Ji printed 2500 copies of this book.
It was released in Seshendra Sharma’s 9th Memorial Literary Meet held on 30th May 2016.
We express our soulful thanks to PK Ji for this timely help.
ప్రియ మిత్రులు శ్రీ పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ గారికి నమస్కారం
సృష్టి సమస్తమూ , చరాచర జగత్తు సమస్తమూ ,జగన్మాత , జగత్పిత
మీ మీద అత్యంత ఆనందోద్రేకాలతో తమ శుభాశీస్సులు , శుభాకాంక్షలు
శుభ దీవెనల కుంభ వృష్టి కురిపిస్తున్నారు . మీరు చేసిన మహత్కార్యం అంత్తటిది .
చలన చిత్రం అనే అద్భుత ప్రక్రియను మానవుడు కనిప

1) అదే నా రాస్తా
ఏ రాస్తా ప్రజా కోట్ల అడుగులతో పునీతం అయ్యిందో
అదే నా రాస్తా
ఏ రాస్తా నా దేశం శరీరంలో
పల్లెలగుండా పట్నాలగుండా
మండే రక్తనాళంగా పరుగెత్తుతొందో
అదే నా రాస్తా
ఏ రాస్తా యుద్ధాలు చేస్తుందో
గెలుస్తుందో ఓడుతుందో
కానీ ముందుకు పోతుందో
అదే నా రాస్తా

2) ఈ దేశపు ప్రాచీ రేఖ మీద సూర్యుడు ఉదయించకపోతే
మండే నా గుండెను చీల్చి దాని మీద పెడతాను
ఎర్రటి నా క