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Just as the author said, the book is similar to ‘Happy Days’ movie with a medical background.

Mahi’s characterization makes the book pleasant to read.

No twists and turns. Just a plain story with heroine facing too many difficulties with a happy ending.

I rented this book after seeing the ratings and reading the reviews. But I am totally disappointed after I started reading the book. The concept is fine but the language is exactly how the youth talk in present times. That language is okay to talk but not to read. Frankly, it’s very irritating to read.

As Gollapudi Maruthi Rao garu said, the author questioned many things in the stories. However, I felt that she should have shown some solutions as well. Good stories to read.

Read the hardcopy of this book. Nice one and exactly in a similar way like the author’s others books.

Gud one with lot of details about the cryonics.
But as his every book, the climax is jerked.

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i paid money but pdf was not downloaded plz try to reslove the problem

i want buy this book please early as possible

ఆపిల్ కథ చదువుతుంటే నిజంగా ఇలాంటి పరిశోధన,ఇలాంటి సంఘటన జరిగిందా? అన్నట్టు వుంది.భార్యాభర్తల మధ్య వుండే సున్నితమైన అందమైన రొమాంటిక్ ఫీలింగ్స్ ని అక్షరాల్లో కథల ద్వారా అందించిన క్యాండిల్ లైట్ శోభనం దంపతుల పడగ్గదిలో తప్పక వుండవలిసిన పుస్తకం అని నా ఫీలింగ్,
అందమైన పోయెట్రీ లా వుంది.

It's not a book।
Beautiful translation to marital life

Nice story. I also read Kankanam Mantrala Mani of this writer. it was also very good novel.