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Worst novel. Many mistakes with new character names in middle of a story. As if it was copy pasted from different story. It didn't loom like book was proof read by Editor and Writer. In my opinion this was written by a ghost writer not SuryaDevara. His writing style is fully different and depth he has in books is unmatched with anyone. I'm quite disappointed. I wish writer reads my comments and give his response

Can I have copy of ebook to rent/purchase?

Why is this not available for rent? When are you making available to rent and read?

Can you upload ebook of this novel?

Horrible book. I want my money back. For free also no one should this book. Ki give, please return my money. Quite disappointed with this publishing. Doesn't even close to what Madhu Babu can write.

Parama Chetta Novel. Didn't expect such a worst narration of a story by this writer. Quite disappointed.

Parama chetta novel. Didn't expect this from this classic writer. Waste of time n money spent against this novel.

Is there a way we can download DVD content when buy ebook?

It's an ok book. Expected a lot, but looks like author wrote this book, thinking it would be good fit for a movie. Too dramatization while resolving the issue. Nothing great about it, everyone can easily guess that father is acting smart.

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The big American dream attracts immigrants in droves. The process of going through several steps before getting the precious green card is fraught. One has to go through several ordeals and conduct himself beyond reproach to avoid deportation. During the last four decades, Indian students have been going to the shores of the USA in pursuit of this dream. This book serves as a useful guide to all those dreamy-eyed Indians for it shows the travails of the protagonist before he turns his dream into a reality. The author well versed in the craft of writing has blended some of his experiences with the stories he had heard from his friends and wove a story that made a page-turner of a book. I have finished his book in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed the denouement at the end. The USP of this book is it holds the readers' interest right till the last word.
This book of concern to the young students in India has won the award in a competition conducted by the expats in the USA w

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where can i get this book in bangalore or some where pl suggest me thanks regards sai shankar

But yandamuri navals are such as great navals