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same story already read with different name,why these people are doing like.?

చాల బాగా నచ్చిన నవల,ఒక విధ్వం గా మొతివతిఒనల్ నవల,కలలు ఉండవచ్చు, కాణి వాటిని సాకారం చేసుకోవాలంటే ఎంత కష్ట పడాలి అనేది వస్తావా రూపం గా చూపిన దృశ్య నవల.

pranavaswaroopam is good,thanks for explaining about ganapathi tatwam which we can explain to our children.

please arrange books for rent soon.we want to read them

better if you arrange this novel for rent soon.

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It's very funny

I want like your books. I am in K.S.A (P.O.Box : 2962 - Riyadh : 11461). How I will get your Book's by post?

Sir I want printed book (atoz investment guide)how 9966632016

sir good morning a good book

Naku motham chadavalani vundi bt Samskrutham lo ardam kavadam ledu telugulo chadavalani kuduruthundhaa