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చాల బాగా నచ్చిన నవల,ఒక విధ్వం గా మొతివతిఒనల్ నవల,కలలు ఉండవచ్చు, కాణి వాటిని సాకారం చేసుకోవాలంటే ఎంత కష్ట పడాలి అనేది వస్తావా రూపం గా చూపిన దృశ్య నవల.

pranavaswaroopam is good,thanks for explaining about ganapathi tatwam which we can explain to our children.

please arrange books for rent soon.we want to read them

better if you arrange this novel for rent soon.

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great and exlent sir your books

The title is " Opinions of prominent people on kavi raju tripuraneni Ramaswamy" so no one is misleading anyone

The title of the book is not " life history of tripuraneni rama swamy " the title is " Opinions of prominent people on tripuraneni Ramaswamy's life " it is a compilation but not written by krishna chand katragadda. He is not getting a single rupee here, he just gave rights for ebook but he is neither selling nor taking any money from here

తియ్యటి కధలు !

How to take print books and how to pay please tell me