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The site has been down for 4 days now... and so far, haven't seen one sign of accountability by the folks running it! No status updates, no regret for the lack of customer service... no follow up on emails sent. Pathetic!! [I'm sure the admins would block this message, too]

pictures seem to be missing. the book has a bunch of blank pages in the place of pics.

enticing but useless, without the ebook option, for people overseas, that is.

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Nice story. I also read Kankanam Mantrala Mani of this writer. it was also very good novel.

super novel... ఆపకుండా చదివించిన కథ....

సస్పెన్స్ చాలా బాగా ఉంది. క్రొత్తగా అనిపించింది. Worthy buying and reading. Nice novel

My name is Ravi
Now I purchased this future and option book
I am unable to down load pdf file
Everybody facing this problem
Please solve this issue seriously

sir i want your manusmrti telugu hardbook copy sir please send your number is 9248155299