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Where is the Part II? It is months now since I read the Part I. What is the use of giving different parts with a long gap. I observe that it is already published as per the website of the author. See the below link:


Hello Author sir,

Where is Nagalokayagam - II ?

I already purchased the Part 1 long back and await the second part.

I read both the parts.
No doubt this author wrote some superb novels.
But this novel does not provide answers to the various subjects he touches upon.
The climax is abrupt and does not provide answers

I think this is a old novel of this author.
Not upto mark

Another version of Aho Vikramarka
Anyway I rate it as good
But ending could have been better

We do not find the NAGALOKAYAGAM - PART 2.
Please arrange to publish ebook at the earliest.

This part is ok. Good time pass. Look forward to the Second part

Nice depiction of Telugu culture in ancient days up to British period.
Kudos to the writer !!!
We need to popularize such novels to convey to the whole world the richness of Telugu culture which unfortunately even our own Telugu people are not aware of and do not take pride of.
Jai Ho Telugu!

Yes, it is better that Kinige publishes both the parts together so that the readers can go through at once. It should not become like BAHUBALI 1

Beginning was a bit dragging and boring BUT later the story went very speedily and it was thrilling.


The journey on desert and the philosophy discussions are brilliant.

Must read.

Don't encourage such authors who want to spread hatred against Hinduism and target Hindu religion for their own personal benefits and defame that religion.

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Ippati samajam lo inni vishavrukshaalu undagaa Kalpavruksham lanti Ramayanam Meeku vishavruksham la kanipinchindaa. Manchini enduku vakreekaristaaru ???? Cinema la lo nu inthe. Meeku nizam ga dhairyam cheduni etti choopinche dammu vunte Eppudo jarigina ramayananni kaadu ippati samajam lo enno samasyalu unnayi vaati gurinchi raayandi. Ippati samajaaniki upayoga pade panulu cheyyandi. Entho lothayina hindu (Sanatana) dharmanni etti choopadam manesi ,mundu daani gurinchi telusu koni comment cheyyandi. Hinduvule kaadu entho mandi raamayananni poojistaaru Alanti ramayananni Vishavruksham ane hakku meeku evaru itchharu. Vaak swathamtryam perutho ila cheyyadam baagaledu.

Hello madam I want designer baby book its not available here in Vijayawada visalandra. How can I get that please suggest me

సాయంకాలమైంది గురించి కొన్ని మాటల్లో--
తెలుగులో చాలా గొప్ప సాహిత్యం ఉందని విన్నాను. వాటిల్లో చాలా తక్కువ వాటి గురించి తెలుసు. ఆ తెలిసిన చిన్న జాబితాలో కూడా కొన్నే చదివాను- చలం మైదానం, శ్రీశ్రీ మహాప్రస్థానం, శ్రీ రమణ మిధునం. ఇప్పుడు ఆ జాబితాలో గొల్లపూడి మారుతీరావు గారి సాయంకాలమైంది ని జోడిస్తున్నాను. ఈ పుస్తకానికి సాహితీ విమర్శ చేసేంత స్థాయి నాకు లేదు; అయినా ఈ గొప్ప రచన గురించి