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Not detailed enough to start practicing. Author was very vague at many places and leaving it for reader to look else where to get more details.

Before this book I knew very little about Budha and Buddhism. This book kind of painted a very clear picture of Buddhism and life style of monks.

A must read. I liked the in depth analysis of hanuma's charactor in this book.

This book has changed my view on medication. This book along with dhamma padham kathalu book has busted all my myths and drove me towards meditation.

dharma sookshmanni ee tharam vallaki artham ayye laga baga vivarincharu

Complex scientific concepts ni andhariki ardham ayye vidham ga chala simple ga explain chesaru. A must read for those who want to know how speed of light is calculated.

Mana rasthram lo raithulu paduthunna kastalni kallaki kattinattu chuparu.

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Gollapudi maruthi rao gaari chethi nundi vache prathi padam manishini kadilisthundi anatam lo etuvanti sandeham ledu,....Thanks guru gaaru and thanks to kinige.

Hello everyone ,,

This page is a fraud one .. don't order to buy any books in this kong website ..Because iam recently order "Matannadi Jyotirlingam" book for price of Rs/- 100 ,

They were not post any book to me ..

Please , Beaware don't waste money

కామెంట్స్ చేసిన అందరికి కృతజ్ఞతలు. Good encouragement for me... 😊

కధ కధనం రెండూ బాగున్నాయి. కొత్త రచయిత అయినా బాగా వ్రాసారు. మంచి రచన.

I have also purchased this book but couldn't able either to download or open. Help me to read this book, else it's kind of just taking money from people and fooling them.