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Sir,I am happy to meet you through this social media. I, J.V.Ratna Rao worked with you while you were working as Probationary Officer in State Bank of India, at Machilipatnam Branch.. I would like to share with you the happy movements we spent during that period. We conducted a Musical Night called " An evening with us" at TOWN HALL.Machilipatnam. You may not remember my name but you may know Sharvasri K.V.L. Narsimham,Saibabu, K.S.P.A Swaroop etc. We invited you as a Chef Guest for Anniversary day of SBI branch at KUCHIPUDI while you were District Collector,Krishna. Shri KV L Narasimham(Br.Managher) and I was Cash Officer at that time. Thank you , With regards (J.V.RATNA RAO).

Edited by Kinige Admin, after a telecon with Ratna Rao gaaru.

మోహన మకరందం
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Not able to open the acsm file. Pls help

Gollapudi maruthi rao gaari chethi nundi vache prathi padam manishini kadilisthundi anatam lo etuvanti sandeham ledu,....Thanks guru gaaru and thanks to kinige.

Hello everyone ,,

This page is a fraud one .. don't order to buy any books in this kong website ..Because iam recently order "Matannadi Jyotirlingam" book for price of Rs/- 100 ,

They were not post any book to me ..

Please , Beaware don't waste money

కామెంట్స్ చేసిన అందరికి కృతజ్ఞతలు. Good encouragement for me... 😊

కధ కధనం రెండూ బాగున్నాయి. కొత్త రచయిత అయినా బాగా వ్రాసారు. మంచి రచన.