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I'm very grateful to met you through this site.
I know u very well but u don't know me..i came to know about u when i saw a separate room of you in Gaddenapalli Village in Mr.Pantham Sita Ram Murthy's Home. I had read some books which u have given to him.
Sir this is very sad to say u that Mr.Pantham Sita Ram Murthy is no longer now.
Give me your mail address to communicate and also to give u some of the best books he had.

Thank you.


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please arrange to get purchased Adhunka Vyavahara Kosam

Where can I buy this Hyderabad .I want in print format. నవోదయ అన్నారు అక్కడ ఉంటే చెప్పండి

Please enable rent or buy option

A must read book. I will give 100 stars for this book.

I want dashanam montly magazine sir plz help me..