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See people are attacked by Evil not now long back only.that is the reason they speak like that.Now days they don't know their source ,soul.Jeeva Athama as well as soul also attached by Evil.Hence they make books aganest to Hindusim as well as Brahma.There is always Truth even at this time also.But human being mind ,Jeeva athama,soul,source is fuilled with Evil.There is no Kali etc.only problem to this earth is from human beings.Those human being writtings are useful to spread evil nature as as animal eating every day.Ranga Nayakamma is not only one ther are so many people who are attacked by evil.Thease evils does'nt think existance of hemselfs.If Hindu Gods are want to kill human beings you as well as so called Evil humanbeings may not exisists at this movement.She is purly blind.People like you avaliable in all religions.then only you can famous in front of the world.

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పుస్తకం: శేషేంద్ర
February 6, 2011 by

“నేనింతా ఒక పిడికెడు మట్టే కావచ్చు, కానీ కలమెత్తితే నాకు ఒక దేశపు జెండాకున్నంత పొగరుంది.” – అని గర్జించిన గుంటూరు శేషేంద్ర శర్మ పరిచయం అవసరం లేని కవి. శేషేంద్ర శర్మ ను విప్లవకవి అనో, ఇజాల కవి అనో, వాదాల మరియూ నినాదాల కవి అనో ఒకగాటన కట్టేయలేం. ఆయన కవితల ద్వారా ఆయనేమిటో ఒక్క మాటలో చెప్పడం దుర్లభమేకానీ, ఒక్కమాటలోఆయనేమి కాదో మాత్రం తప్పకుండా చెప్పవచ్చు.

I am KPRnaidu .Is it possible that I can talk to you?if it is ok can you give me your number so that I can get intouch with you.
KPRnaidu. Areader interested in your stories.

work shop caluclations telugu fitter book

When will it be available for purchase? Need one copy please.

I am KPRnaidu .dear Rao Garu,I wish to talk to you.will you pl.give your contact number??