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I like this travelogue book. I am going to his back seat. Its Bullet.. bro... simple telugu Translation. ప్రయాణించాలన్న ఆసక్తినీ, ఉత్సాహాన్నీ రేకెత్తించడం ఈ పుస్తకం సాధించిన విజయం. regards, ynr varma @ 9247818233

ప్రయాణానికే జీవితం
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I am KPRnaidu .Is it possible that I can talk to you?if it is ok can you give me your number so that I can get intouch with you.
KPRnaidu. Areader interested in your stories.

work shop caluclations telugu fitter book

When will it be available for purchase? Need one copy please.

I am KPRnaidu .dear Rao Garu,I wish to talk to you.will you pl.give your contact number??

I wish to talk to you.can I have your contact no.? I am