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maree anta super book emee kadu.. konakkaraledu. rent ki teesukoni chdavandi

Hi Picl,
Your comments --- This book is completely misleading. There few people in this country who blindly hate Hinduism. They would definitely like this book very much. Problem with the author is, there seems to be her own problems in her personal life and so her thoughts became like so weird and this is the kind of product came out of her mind.

What is the point to blame Author personally ???....Please suggest us ,We are happy to read which is good one.That should be bring equalisation to all catogery people ( should not be like shudras ) .I could not find anything wrong in this book....she gave all proofs !!...first we need to change our thinking view...I am sure whole Hindhu EPICs are against nature and ugly.....Please check birth of veda vysa , Kouravas ,vali,sugreeva etc.....

Is this available as digital edition too ?